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Trade Up

Worried about your child out growing their first bike too soon?

At Perry Rubber, we understand that kids grow up quickly, and their bike needs change just as fast. That’s why we offer a convenient trade-in program to help you transition your child from their outgrown bike to a brand new one. When your little rider is ready to move up to the next size or style, bring their used bike to our shop, and we’ll provide a fair trade-in value towards the purchase of a new bike. Not only does this make upgrading hassle-free, but it also allows you to save money while ensuring your child always has the perfect bike that fits their growing needs.

How it Works

Our knowledgeable staff will assess the condition of the traded-in bike and offer you a competitive trade-in value, making it easier than ever to keep your child on the right-sized bike for a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Don’t let an outgrown bike gather dust in the garage—trade it in at Savannah Bike Shop and give your child the opportunity to continue exploring the world on a bike that’s just right for them.

Step One

Dust off your old bike and bring it to us.

Step Two

Shop for a new bike while we evaluate your trade-in.

Step Three

Turn your store credit into a new bike and go ride!

Find Your New Bike

Start exploring our bike selection online and get excited for the new possibilities that await you when you visit us with your trade-in.

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